One of the skills I have always wanted to master is the art of verbal storytelling. I would love to be able to draw people in with just a few words or sentences to listen to my every word before I arrive at the climax or punchline and leave them wanting more.  Unfortunately, my mind jumps around too much as I’m talking, and I often utter details too far in advance or omit them altogether stammering along the way.  And when I try to drive home the point of my story, it winds up dangling in thin air with me staring at my audience as I shrug and give them a “I guess you had to be there” look.

I’ve been in the company of a few skilled storytellers.  Grandparents, including mine, were some of the best.  They have a huge mental library of personal history, wisdom and anecdotes from which to draw.  They can embellish and hyperbolize details suspending your disbelief and while entertaining and informing you at the same time.  Other storytellers I’ve heard are the ones who work for the National Park Service and lead the campfire sessions giving facts about the beauty of the land while throwing in bits of legend and folklore.  And then there are the skilled conversationalists like one particular friend of our family.  He is capable of turning a simple dinner discussion into an incredibly amusing dining experience.  I cannot tell you how much we enjoy his company.

As a mom, I have many interests and aspirations.  One of my interests is writing, but since I am a mom, I have limited time to devote to that, and my sparks of inspiration tend to be infrequent.  Hopefully I can find my voice and feel comfortable expressing it to a broad audience.


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